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My goal is to infuse flavor and nutrition into all of the meals I create. Using wild and sustainably harvested meats, organic fruits and veggies, and unprocessed whole grains. Drawing inspiration from around the world, I have a strong belief that food should not only be healthy, but look and taste good as well! Whether it be omnivorous or vegan, raw or cooked. My aim is to embrace food diversity and address the personal needs of each client. 


Personal chef services

Hiring a personal chef means enjoying customized meals cooked by a trained chef in your home. 

First, we discuss what you are looking for and whether you have any allergies, special food needs, likes and dislikes.

Once we decide on menus I take care of the rest! Meals are typically prepared in your home or vacation rental. Personal chef services include menu planning, grocery shopping, meal preparation, and clean-up. I leave you with the prepared meals, cooking and re-heating instructions, and a clean kitchen.


Alaina grew up in an environment where healthy food was always the focus. Her parents taught vegetarian cooking classes out of their home, and so began her love affair with food. But not just cooking the food, also being in the kitchen, smelling the aromas, eating the labor of love, and enjoying the social atmosphere that good food brings. While Alaina went off to college to study Environmental Studies, her passion for food continued to grow. Her love for the natural environment brought her to live and work in several National Parks, most recently as a Naturalist and Tour Guide in Alaska’s Denali National Park. The many years spent in remote places challenged and inspired her cooking sensibilities. Kitchens were usually hard to come by, and the closest store often hours away. Equipped with a camp stove and whatever ingredients were available, Alaina became a creative and inventive chef who is not afraid of making everything from scratch and having fun while doing it. She hopes to continue finding fulfillment working to help people feel good by dishing up healthy foods that are individually customized according to personal tastes and dietary needs.

Alaina graduated with honors from the Natural Chef program at Bauman College. She spends her summers in Denali, Alaska and her winters exploring different places to cook and eat. 


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